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The Mustangs

There are currently over 36,000 Wild Mustangs in government holding pens, waiting for jobs.  Through the MSF Wellness Centers and franchise  centers, our mission is to provide training, education, and create meaningful jobs for over 100+ Mustangs and 500+ people/year in the Corporate Training, Wellness, and equine performance markets.  By providing Mustang experiences as part of  a Wellness Center offering, we will be creating duplicable processes that can be easily franchised by existing equine operations and produce even more  Mustang and human jobs. As a charitable foundation, our mission, is to provide programs, spaces and experiences for people that nourish the mind, body, and soul, while increasing the value and opportunities for Mustang horses. 

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The Wellness Workshop Centers

Mustang Strong Wellness Centers are being designed to provide proven Mustang-horse experiences and focus on all facets of Wellness (Mind, Body, and Soul) for Corporate Executives, Entrepreneurs, Solopreneurs, and stress and trauma challenged women and youth. Workshops and Wellness offerings are dedicated to building compassionate, strength and Wellness focused collaboration and leadership skills, and teaching expert-presented life strategies with programs being offered on-site, on-line and through partner and social media channels. 

The MSF is startup 501c3 organization with funding programs being sponsored and developed by Innovate and Thrive. 

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Webinar DONORS

The value of the Leading with Compassion Webinar Donors, extends far beyond their donation efforts. To ensure that MSF donors are recieving optimal value from their donation participation, we're committed to using electronic and social media to remain deeply engaged with our donors before, during and after the first Wellness Center is completed. This includes providing: 

  • E-mails, news and social media feeds detailing the Retreat development process and offerings, 

  • Special discounts on MSF retreats and workshops (on-line and off-line), 

  • Invitations to enter special drawings for Wellness gifts, and discounts on all MSF Wellness packages, 

  • Special offers for advertising and speaking at MSF events, and on MSF social media channels.

  • Notification of all MSF jobs, and Board of Director openings.

  • Discounted offers on all strength-based living programs.

  • Discounted invitations to attend special and select MSF events and workshops.

  • Opportunities to sit on the Mustang Strong Advisory Board and Board of Directors.

We are sincerely appreciate your donation, and are looking forward to a long journey together.

The Mustang Strong Team


When brought in from the wild, Mustangs are severely traumatize and forced to adapt, through training, adoption and domestication.  Many are sold at auction for slaughter.  
Through prisoner training programs throughout the United States, Mustangs have proven their ability to reach past their own trauma, and transform the lives of their human, trainers, handlers, caretakers and anyone who  encounters a Mustang. It's this unique ability to teach and transform that rests at the center of all MSF Wellness  center offerings and events, and programs.


About The MSF

The Mustang Strong Foundation (MSF), is a newly formed 501c3 Foundation that's  on a mission to transform the future of Mustang horse preservation and strength-based welllness.  Founded by a team of Mustang preservationists, technologists, product developers, and researchers, the MSF, is the first foundation to blend Mustang horse preservation with strength-based Wellness offerings in a tranquil and sustainable Retreat Center setting and digital platforms. 

Use of this blended platform will allow the MSF to have the greatest transformative impact on the Mustang horse preservation, and provide cutting edge and science and compassion-based Wellness education and training solutions to a broad mix of recipients ranging from global leaders, to trauma impacted women, families, and youth





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